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The key goal of the Medowie Christmas Carol’s organising committee is to ensure the short- and long-term financial viability of the event for our community.  To achieve this, we are focussed on ensuring all partnerships are mutually beneficial and provide our investors with a commensurate return on investment through sponsorship leveraging opportunities that deliver sponsors/investors positive results in areas such as:



Improve the way your business is perceived by the target audience.


Increase your community involvement and improve loyalty.


Strengthen customer relations through face-to-face contact.


Direct access to your target market.


Sponsoring this event is a great way for your business to attract and make new contacts.


Target audience turns into customers.


Build a good reputation around your business and your commitment to the community you serve.


Increase your businesses visibility in our community.


Meet like-minded business people and form new mutually beneficial partnerships.


Make your products/services more recognisable.


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Medowie Christmas Carnival

Event Details

Date:    Friday, 6 December 2019

Time:    (4:00 pm – 9:00 pm)

Venue:   Ferodale Sports Complex

               36 Ferodale Road MEDOWIE NSW 2318

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