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Enjoy the Amusements at Medowie Christmas Carnival!

Saturday 10th December from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

at Ferodale Sports Complex MEDOWIE 2318


Mixed Age Rides

* 9D Cinema................Ages 5 - Adult

* Mega Fibre Glass Slide ...........Ages 3 - Adult

Rides for 6 years of age and under

* Kidz Gym

* Storm Ride

Rides for 6 years and over

* Rockwall

* Giant Atomic Rush

* Bungee Run


Unlimited Rides Passes 

Please Note: Ticket Booth can only except cash.

The Medowie Williamtown Rotary  with support from Port Stephens Council is pleased to announce that all proceeds from the sale of Amusement Passes/Tickets will be donated to Medowie Christian School Parents and Friends Group; Medowie Public School Parents and Citizens Association and Wirreanda Public School Parents and Citizens Associations. These funds will be invested into projects that directly benefit the children at each of these three schools.

9D Cinema - Unikevents

2018-12-02 02.06.05 pm.jpeg

Attention Fun-Seekers 

The 9D Cinema Experience is coming to Medowie Christmas Carnival courtesy of Jason Becker Concreting!




With over 150 short movies, 9D Mobile Cinema is the best interactive, amusement ride in Sydney. It turns the magic of short movies into reality.9D Mobile Cinema boasts the latest technology of Multi - Dimensional entertainment. It combines Augmented Reality (AR) and Mobile Virtual Reality (VR) into an awesome experience.

As you buckle up into Ferrari style seats inside the cinema truck and put on your 3D glasses, the action begins. Watching 3D movies with synchronised movement you are surrounded with astounding sound and encounter a frenzy of sensations.

Hold on to your seats as it shakes, rotates, turns and vibrates. All the meanwhile the ultimate, fun ride experience takes you into haunted tunnels, fantasy lands or along amazing roller-coaster ride.Sense the Wind in your hair as you free fall into a gigantic, inflatable jumping castle. 

Feel the Rain drizzle on your skin while trying to escape the sea monsters. Catch Snow as you ski down the slopes in a wonderland or pop bubbles like balloons falling from the sky at a kid’s birthday party. These and many other incredible special effects can be experienced as you go on a Ride of your Life.

Mega Fibre Glass Slide

Slide 2.JPG
slide 3.JPG

Kidz Gym

Kidz Gym.JPG

Storm Ride

storm ride.JPG


rock wall.JPG
rock wall 2.JPG

Giant Atomic Rush

atomic rush 3.JPG
atomic rush 2.JPG
atomic rush.JPG

Bungee Run

bungee run.JPG

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