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Why It's Important

to Our Community


Medowie Christmas Carnival aims to deliver a prominent regional flagship event annually, providing entertainment, socialisation, growth and development opportunities for our community that:

  • Showcases our community’s uniqueness;

  • Celebrates diversity within our community;

  • Enhances our community’s positive image;

  • Provides a sense of community ownership and pride;

  • Contributes to increasing social interactions and unifying community;

  • Provides a positive cultural impact on our community/regionally;

  • Introduces our families to a unique range of regionally produced artisan goods and gourmet foods;

  • Encourages tourism/visitations from outside our community fostering new friendships and connections;

  • Provides a positive shared family experience;

  • Increases entertainment and performance opportunities for local people;

  • Provides community members the opportunity to learn new skills;

  • Encourages a diverse range of community groups, individuals and businesses to work together for a common goal;

  • Increases trade for local businesses and

  • Increases regional marketing opportunities for local business for longer term benefits.

Through all aspects of planning, funding and staging Medowie Christmas Carnival, community engagement will:


Help build trust: Fostering open communication and inviting leadership from community groups, schools and businesses will help to demonstrate that their views are valued and will be considered.  This helps build trust within the community and creates an openness to sharing resources and utilising services.


Help with outreach: More community members will feel involved with, or a sense of ownership/pride of/in Medowie Christmas Carnival fundraising, activities and decisions and will be able to interpret or explain this to others.  Spreading the word through this informal approach will improve outreach for this event, but also for the community profile, other activities and events long term.


Connect people and resources:  Community engagement efforts improve connections between individuals, community associations, businesses, schools and churches, which in turn creates greater community "buy-in."


Develop new leaders: Inviting community members and leaders of community groups into planning and funding processes will help in the identification of champions and development of leaders who understand the importance of building strong communities.


Create opportunities for critical reflection:  Community engagement processes provide opportunities for cooperative, co-learning experiences, and critical reflection that benefits community wisdom.

To be part of our community stalls, please complete the form via this link -

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